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Sexual desires and sex appeal in obese people


If obesity can ruin an individual's desires and aspirations, it can also affect their sexual life. Imagine a change in a man's life when he loses weight ...


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Date : Dec 06, 2015


If obesity can ruin an individual's desires and aspirations, it can also affect their sexual life. Imagine a change in a man's life when he loses weight and starts to work more freely and actively, his life undergoes a drastic change. An obese person is generally very lazy, walks less, watches TV more and spends more time sitting idle. It is not the fault of the person concerned but the fatness of his, which hampers his efficiency. He tends to corner himself from normal day-to-day activities that need physical fitness and positive mental approach.


When we talk of sexual desires in men suffering from obesity, we find that they are equally interested in sex, just like any other person would feel like. But the problem lies in their inability to respond to their sexual desires. Their own physical structure plays the spoilsport in the normal sexual performance. Their inability or lack of sexual performance may result in estranged relationship with his/her partner. Due to the poor sexual performance throughout, their partners might avoid them and this could lead to reduction in sexual desires.

In addition to affecting the normal sexual performance of a person, it also causes several illnesses such as heart problems, diabetes, certain types of cancer- all find their roots in unhealthy fat. An obese man has more female hormones. He is at a risk of blood vessel blockage which causes erectile dysfunction. It strains the cardio vascular system too.


Other obesity related facts


  • People corner obese individuals
  • They are some times treated shabbily at office
  • Depression, frustration and inability to move about effectively keeps them closed at home.


Overcoming Obesity for sexual performance


  • Take precautions when you take food. Avoid eating food that contains fat.
  • Visit a doctor and find some diet pills, exercise, and surgeries.
  • Motivate yourself, start walking, jogging, and exercising.
  • Be supportive and helpful to your partner by choosing lucrative positions that provides comfortable feeling to your partner.
  • Be frank with your partner and work out a plan to improve your sex life.
  • Exchange emotional supports as both of you need this.
  • If your partner is obese support, encourage and motivate him to overcome Obesity


Role of Erectile Dysfunction drugs


While you work towards a healthy life, also look at options like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra to get rid of erectile dysfunction. These are ED pills approved by FDA to treat male impotency. When you have difficulties attaining an erection, begin using one of these ED drugs under a doctor's guidance. They are safe and a man's best partner when he is sexually weak.


Together, with proper diet, strenuous exercise and an understanding partner you can win over Obesity. Remember; always take a doctor's advice before starting a diet pill or an erectile dysfunction drug.


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